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T-shirts and other items have the ability to distinguish pride and allow you to pay tribute to an important part of your life. As a Submarine Veteran, you most likely take great pride in your service and are looking for a way to show your pride for all to see. With complete line of t-shirts and other products, you will now have the ability to display submarine images and designs that are ideal for submariners, both past and present.

A new design that is quickly gaining recognition involves a simple saying that exquisitely puts what it means to be a submariner into words. The design reads, “Life Is Simple, You’re Either Qualified or You’re Not.” This unique design is combined with images of the Us Navy Submarine Dolphins. This is a different type of design that most past or present submarines will find stylish and prideful. There is nothing better than looking your best, while also showing off your love of the submarine profession.

This new design is just the latest release of a long line of submarine designs that stemmed from my father’s service as a submariner. I have tremendous respect for his service and his recognition as a veteran. This respect and pride led me to create a line of products that feature various submarine images and logos that effectively show what it means to be a true submariner.

My father was a missile launch control center supervisor and a nuclear weapons handling supervisor on the SSBN 629 Daniel Boone. This was the first missile submarine launched in the pacific and was stationed in Guam, M.I. It was his courageous service and impactful duty that inspired my line of wide ranging submarine products.

These products are designed for veteran submariners like my dad or for their family members that take great pride in their service. With a new design and logo, you can now show that your pride truly runs deep in a stylish option. The saying evokes the simple tone of duty, but clearly shows that you are truly qualified after your submarine experiences.

The Us Navy Submarine Dolphins elicit pride and emotion with every look, which will make them the ideal image for any t-shirt or hat. If you are looking for an original item to add to your collection, these products are the perfect way to show off your pride.

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